Thursday, April 30, 2009

adult content?

When I had the option to label this as "adult content" or not, I chose to label it as adult. Why? Because of the "next blog" button on the top of the screen. Anyone who hits that button can be landed on some random blog or other. I saw some random blog with pictures of a kid's birthday party, and I thought, "gosh I don't want some kid looking at pics from his party to suddenly end up on this site!" 

Fair enough. 

But I've also seen lots of explicit discussions out there of all kinds of things with no warnings. 

I've also understand that some people come to this site's "adult content warning" page and then immediately leave. 

Am I giving the false impression that this blog is full of explicit images and anatomical discussions? 

I wonder if the "adult content warning" is warranted. (Bearing in mind that I did publish one rather racy post!) 

Any thoughts out there on this one? 


  1. Mark, when I look at what other people post without the warning - including completely naked naughty parts - I think there's no reason for you to post the warning. Sure, it's not proper reading for kids, but most blogs aren't. Most contain some profanity and would get a PG-13 rating at best. I ran mine through a rating generator awhile ago and came up NC-17! The algorithm appeared not to like "abortion" and "rape." Hmmmm.

    Anyway, I vote that you take down the Blogger warning and if you like, you could post a brief disclaimer in your header ... "Some content may be unsuitable for those under 18." Or whatever.

  2. The only thought I have is that you may attract some potentially annoying readers who are looking for those racy posts. However, I don't have the disclaimer on my site and find that people who are looking for racy stuff, soon find that it's not the Playboy site they are looking for.
    Glad to read that things are at least not driving you insane today.

  3. Hey Rae and Sungold, my blogosphere friends. I didn't see your comments til just now. How did that happen?!? Thanks both for your thoughts. I rather suspect you are right. The "adult warning" seems to be a bit of overkill. It was just clicking on "next blog" once and seeing pictures from a kid's birthday party that gave me real pause. I wouldn't want my kids coming across this sort of thing by accident. Though I guess I am writing far more about relationships than sex...
    Thanks for the feedback! :)