Monday, February 23, 2009

"Work for the night is coming"

I had a big, full day of work today. I know that because I've worked from getting up to going to bed, and now, just before bed, I am totally exhausted. 

It feels great.

And the good news is that having a positive focus for my life like work takes my mind off of other things. Well... let's be frank!... off of sex. 

Like many things, I suppose, the more you think about something, the more it thinks about you. The more those thoughts grow on you and preoccupy you. Thinking about sex in a chaste relationship is like thinking about the Niagra falls when you have to pee. It's just not a good idea. Counterproductive. 

Of course, simply trying not to think about sex is like trying not to think of green elephants. You can't (easily) not think of a thing by trying not to. Especially not a ubiquitous thing like sex. 

But what you can do is to have your attention be fully consumed by something else. In this case, work. 

Sex is something that comes into my mind when I am bored, listless, directionless. A bit of fun excitement. 

But if I am fully preoccupied by other positive things, then it's a non issue.

Better, I think Sue is impressed when I am working harder. She seems to respect me more. 
Better still, I care less what Sue thinks when I am working harder. Because I respect myself more. 

I wonder what Sue's new job will do to her libido? Less boredom means less libido? Or, more positive direction in her life means more zest for life means more libido. 

Not, of course, that sex is the end game of life, but that's another story.... 

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