Tuesday, October 20, 2009

One year three weeks and two days without sex

But who's counting?
The drought goes on.
Hey, that's not what was supposed to happen after the end of a year!
Where is my pot of gold at the end of the rainbow?!?
We have talked, which was a great breakthrough. Not as big as I would have liked, but real watershed stuff by Sue's standards. (More about that another time.)
She tells me her libido is inching back to life, and that in the not-too-distant future she will come to me...
So for now, I continue to wait.
Trying to push things along would be counterproductive, so what other choice do I have?


  1. Hey there, Mark!

    If she said, "I'll come to you," that sounds encouraging to me! I wouldn't wait around too expectantly or anything, but that tells me she does want you to be a part of her sex life, she's just struggling with the best way to do it.

    Keep on being the supportive guy you've been!

  2. I don't mean to discourage you. Quite the contrary, I think your situation would be helped by your having some clarity. It seems like you are in denial at this point and not wanting to face reality. Why were you expecting a "pot of gold"? What made you think that something would happen arbitrarily at the end of a year?

    It is bad enough that you are in a marriage without sex, when it is clear that sex is something you desire in your life. What is really tragic is that you are in a marriage where there is so little communication.

    Human beings have needs that go beyond food, clothing, and shelter. You are literally be starved and it is killing you. What would you do if you were not getting enough food to sustain your body? Would you just let yourself die? More importantly, would you starve your wife of food and just sit back and impassively watch her become sick and die?

    You are being abused and I think you need to face that.

    You--and only you--have the power to change your life. I think you have to ask, why are you doing this to yourself? Why do you think this is what you deserve?

    When you respect and care enough about yourself to take of your needs, you may find it is a wake-up call to your wife, but don't count on that. In significant ways, she has already left you and abandoned you. I know you said that she had some abuse in her childhood that caused her to be like this, but the fact is that she will not get help for herself. You are just making yourself another victim of the abuse that she suffered.

    Life is short, my friend. You only get one chance to live. Don't waste it.

  3. @Mel: thanks for your kind thoughts and words! I really appreciate it! :)

    @anonymous: I have written a response to your comment that was longer than the site allows! I will republish it as its own post.

  4. you cant give away what you dont have. you are an ego-driven, self centered moron.